”Give me permission, give me the chance to do my best”

From Babette’s Feast by Karen Blixen

“Spiritus” - 2021

Shown at the “Spiritus” exhibition in Michael Weihe’s silversmith shop, Gammel Kongevej 79, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. This unique set, called “Punch”, has social and festive occasions in mind, while also paying attention to functionality and aesthetics.

A punch bowl with small cups, together with a silver ladle for punch, mulled wine (with raisins and almonds), soups or white sauce. The ladle is designed and fabricated by Michael Weihe. With their different characteristics, the two materials complement and enhance each other.

”Schilderkunst en Keramiek” - 2019

”Schilderkunst en Keramiek” (with Marianne van Ravestyn), Hofke van Chantrain, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

With thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation for financial support to travel expenses, photo and text.

”Stoneware-Tapestries” - 2018

Anton Rosens Hus, Samsø.

Common to both Sigrid Hovmand and Elisabeth Ryde is a simplicity of composition supported by the line and form.

Both artists have great respect for the materials they work with, and a love of their handicraft.


The island of Ameland lies north of Holland.
For the past 20 years Ameland has held an art festival in November with exhibitions and other events throughout the island.

8 artists from Samsø were among the approximately 100 artists participating this year.

"Maltese Templepots" - 2005

On Malta I saw the oldest ceramics in Europe and the temples, the oldest buildings in the world.
A little pot and the marks made in the stones of the templegates, started these pieces part of the exhibition in the "Mårup-Gallery" sommer 2005.

"Photo and Stoneware" - 1993

Samsø Art Union, "Photo and Stoneware". Exhibition with Ulrick Møllgaard.

Nikolaj, Copenhagen, solo exhibition - 1992

Nikolaj - City of Copenhagen Exhibition Building, solo exhibition "Sigrid Hovmand".

"Stoneware - Textiles" - 1991

Gallery Gammel Strand, Copenhagen, "Stoneware - Textiles" exhibition with Elisabeth H. Petersen.