The Samsø island Cocotte “Grand Cru”

The Samsø Cocotte “Grand Cru” is the result of a collaboration between chef Søren Ørum and potter Sigrid Hovmand.

As neighbours in Nordby’s picturesque village centre they developed the Cocotte and recipes in 2002 – their version of a modern casserole.

The Cocotte is hand-thrown in stoneware clay, coloured with ochre, and unglazed. The lid is carefully formed to match its base and the two are fired together in the gas kiln at 1300°C. Flavour and strength are retained and the stoneware’s thickness keeps the food warm.

Available in three sizes:

Small approx. 1 litres
Diameter: ca. 22.5 cm.
Height: ca. 10.5 cm.
DKK 1,600

Medium approx. 2 litres
Diameter: ca. 28 cm.
Height: ca. 13.5 cm.
DKK 2,200

Large approx. 4 litres
Diameter: ca. 33 cm.
Height: ca. 16 cm.
DKK 2,900

Shipping in Denmark: DKK 200

The Cocotte "Grand Cru" doesn't require any special preparation and should be cleaned in soap-free warm water. It will gain a fine patina over time.

Note: Never pour cold water into a hot Cocotte.
Only suitable for oven use.


"Heltene fra Samsø"
Om avlerne og deres råvarer, øen,
en cocotte og sanselig mad
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“Stegeso – simremad i jern og ler”
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"Mad i kokotte"
by Cecilia Lundin
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"The One-pot and Clay-pot Cookbook"
From slow-cooked casseroles and stews
to quick and easy stove-top dishes
By Jenni Fletwood

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