This Bread Dome works like a stone oven in a regular household oven.

The stoneware helps achieve a crisp crust and retain the bread’s moisture and taste.

It is thrown by hand in one closed round form and later split in half. Unglazed but coloured with ochre and fired with reduction at 1300°.

The first one made in 1996 with inspiration from the shape of a bread.

Available in two sizes:

Large approx. 1,000 gr. flour
Diameter: ca. 27.5 cm.
Height: ca. 12 cm.
DKK 1,600

Small approx. 500 gr. flour
Diameter: ca. 24 cm.
Height: ca. 10.5 cm.
DKK 1,250

Shipping in Denmark: DKK 200

Oil the inside of the Bread Dome well before using, and clean in soap-free water. The Dome will gain a fine patina over time.

Note: Never pour cold water into a hot Dome. Only suitable for oven use.

Tip: Use cold water when cleaning; the flour dissolves easier.

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Use yeast at room temperature.

Place the dough in a closed plastic bag during rising process.

If the oven warms quickly, wait 15-30 min. before turning it on, in order to give the dough extra time to rise in the bread form.