“Sigrid Hovmand has a very thorough knowledge of her materials. She has great respect for what clay is capable of, and which decorations are suitable for stoneware. She carries on a thousand-year-old tradition and succeeds in bringing out new, distinctively personal expressions in her work without ever diverging from the inheritance of the past. “The hand shapes the path of the soul” wrote the Danish author, Johannes V. Jensen.

In her work, Sigrid Hovmand is also forging a significant path in the realm of ceramic art.”

Lise Funder, juni 2010


1997 Arts & Crafts Prize of 1879 – Hetsch Medal, bronze.
2014 Arts & Crafts Prize of 1879 – Hetsch Medal, travel grant.

Has sold to

Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.
The Cultural Historical Museum in Randers.
The Municipality of Aarhus (Dept. of Culture).
The Art Society of August 14.
The Municipality of Samsø and others.


Mathematics Teachers Association, Copenhagen.
Blaagaard State Teachers College, Copenhagen.
Restaurant Ved Kæret, Samsø.
Møllevangs Church, Aarhus.
Samsø Tourist Association.
Samsø Parish.
Dagli' Brugsen in Mårup.
Skals Håndarbejdsskole, Skals.
Restaurant Kronborg, Ålborg.
Force Majeure, Århus.


1955 Born
1979 Starts own studio in Nordby, Samsø.
1990 Grant from Samsø Fund for Exhibition.
1991 Shown in the Italian magazine, “Airone”.
1996 Featured in PBS TV series "The Vikings", USA.
2003 Featured in the book, “Heltene fra Samsø” (The Heroes of Samsø).
2006 Visiting artist/teacher, Baylor University - Waco, Texas, USA.
Represented at IOTA Gallery - Dallas, Texas, USA.
2010 Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark visits Sigrid’s studio on the
Royal couple’s official visit to Samsø, June 8.
2012 Featured in TV series “Folk i Farver” - TV2øst.
2018 Article in “Feriemagasin Samsø”, published by Visitsamsø.
2019 Support from the Danish Arts Foundation in connection with the exhibition, ”Schilderkunst en Keramiek”, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium.


1980-2014 Participated in a number of exhibitions at Maarup Gallery, Samsø.
1988 “Crafts for Everyday Use and Celebration” - Cultural-Historical Museum, Randers.
Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen.
The Artists’ Fall Exhibition (judged) - Den Frie, Copenhagen.
1990 Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst - Frankfurt, Germany.
1991 The Artists’ Easter Exhibition (judged) - Aarhus Art Building, Aarhus.
“Stoneware and Textiles” (with Elisabeth H. Petersen) – Galleri Gammel Strand, Copenhagen.
1992 “Sigrid Hovmand - Stentøj” (solo exhibition) – Nikolaj Church Exhibition Building, Copenhagen.
“Candlesticks and Canisters” - Sønderborghus, Sønderborg.
1993 “Photo and Stoneware” (with Ulrick Møllgaard) - Samsø Art Association.
1995 Exhibition with Gunleif Grube - Skandinavien Haus, Hannover, Germany.
Handwerksform - Hannover, Germany.
Galleri Babel - Landsmeer, Netherlands.
1996 Samsø Tourist Association.
Kobe Fashion Mart - Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658, Japan.
International Furniture Fair Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.
1997 Arts & Crafts Prize - Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen.
Gallery Takatsuji - Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.
Wohn Form - Schwyz, Switzerland.
1999 Wilanow Palace, Oranzeria Museum - Warsaw, Poland.
1999-2000 Art Academy End-of-Term Exhibition (judged) - Warsaw, Poland.
2001+ Participated in a number of Open Artist Studios – Kunst i Østjylland/Region Midt/Spor Kunsten.
2002 Art Fair - Aarhus Art Museum.
2004 Art Society of August 14 - Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen.
2005 Art Society of Lokalcenter Holme, Højbjerg.
2006 The Municipal Art Association - Town Hall, Skagen.
2008 Fussingø Castle, Randers.
2009 Over Randlev Præstegård.
2010–2013 “Bread & Food Festival” – Skærtoft Mølle, Als.
2011 Pakhuset, Odder Art Association - Odder.
2012 “VisitDenmark” – The Olympia, London, England.
2014 Arts & Crafts Prize - The Museum Building in Copenhagen.
“Westerwald Prize” (judged), Ceramics Museum Westerwald – Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany.
2016 “Kunstmaand Ameland“ Art Month – Ameland Island, Netherlands.
2016 “Change In Your Hand. More Clay, Less Plastic” – Traveling exhibition in Italy, Scotland, Austria and Brazil.
2018 “Stoneware and Tapestry” (with Elisabeth Ryde) Anton Rosen Huset, Samsø.
2019 ”Schilderkunst en Keramiek” (with Marianne van Ravestyn), Hofke van Chantrain, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium.
2021 “Spiritus” Weihe Silver Smithy, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.


1973 Technical School, Sønderborg.
1974 Internship at Dybdahl Ceramics, Allerød.
1975-1977 Collaboration with Arne Bjørn, Historical Research Centre - Lejre.
1977 Journeyman's potter exam, Kähler Ceramics - Næstved.
1978 One year’s study of art and ceramics at University of Oregon, USA.
1982 Study trip to Germany.
1990 Glaze chemistry course.
Study trip to England.
1992 “Clay Today” Ceramist Event´92 - Sønderborg.
1997-2000 Art Academy, Department for Painting & Drawing - Warsaw, Poland.
2005 Study trip to Malta.
2006 Conference, NCECA, Portland, Oregon, USA.
2011 Study trip to Spain.
2012 Study trip to USA.
2018 Study trip to ”Argillá” Ceramic Festival, Faenza, Italien.
2022 Study trip to Portugal.

Texts and press

Text by Art Historian Lise Funder. >>>
Curriculum Vitae - CV. >>>
Article in Visitsamsø 2018.
DK >>> / GB >>> / DE >>>
Awarded the Arts and Crafts prize of 1879 – The Hetsch Medal, Bronze medal for these two unique bowls. >>>
Arts & Crafts Prize of 1879 – The Hetsch Medal, Travel Scholarship. See InstaSigrid. >>>.
Article about the Cocotte published in Dansk Kunst Håndværk - Danish Craft, September 2003. >>>
Her Majesty, the Queen of Denmark, visited the studio on the royal couple's official visit to Samsø, June 8 2010. Samsøposten. >>> See more at instaSigrid >>>
TV Portrayal of Sigrid “Folk i Farver” by TV2ØST. Shown 27 March 2012. >>>
Article in Danish from Samsø Posten about the Baptismal Candleholder, week 28 2012. >>>
Journeyman's test as potter, Kähler Ceramics, Næstved. >>>