"Vigtigheden af den direkte forbindelse ud i hænderne ..."


"The importance of direct contact through the hands ..."

Citat - Per Nørgård

Sigrid Hovmand 
Born in 1955
1997               Awarded the Arts and Crafts prize of 1879 – The Hetsch Medal, Bronze medal.  See more >>>
2014               Arts & Crafts Prize of 1879 – The Hetsch Medal, Travel Scholarship. Se more >>> 
                       Has sold to her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, the Cultural Historical Museum in Randers,
                       the County Authority of Århus (Dept. of Culture), The Art Society of August 14 and the Municipality of Samsø.
Her Majesty, the Queen of Denmark, visited the studio on the royal couple's official visit to Samsø, June 8 2010. Se more>>> TV Portrayal of Sigrid by TV2ØST:
Shown 27 March 2012:
– Short version >>>
Shown 29 March 2012: –
entire program >>> Dåbsstage til Kirkerne på Samsø. Se artikel fra Samsø Posten:Uge 28 9/7-15/7 2012 >>> Education 1977 Journeyman's test as potter, Kähler Ceramics, Næstved. See more >>> Work in spare time with Arne Bjørn, Historical Research Centre, Lejre. 1978 One year's study of art and ceramics at University of Oregon, USA. 1979 Starts of own studio in Nordby, Samsø, Denmark. 1982 Study trip to Germany. 1990 Glaze chemistry course. Study trip to England. 1992 "Clay Today" - Ceramic Event ´92. 1997 - 2000 Art Academy, Warsaw, Poland. Department for Painting and Drawing. 2005 Study trip to Malta. See more >>> 2006 Conference, NCECA, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. 2011 Study trip to Spain. 2012 Study trip to USA. 2018 Studietur til Italien - Faenza
1980 - 90        Participated in a number of exhibitions at Maarup Gallery, Samsø, Denmark. See more >>>
1988               Cultural-Historical Museum, Randers, "Crafts for Everyday and Celebration".
                       Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen
                       Den Frie, Copenhagen, "The Artist's Fall Exhibition" (judged).
1990               Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst, Frankfurt, Germany.
1991               Århus Art Building, "The Artist's Easter Exhibition" (judged).
                       Gallery Gammel Strand, Copenhagen, "Stoneware - Textiles" exhibition with Elisabeth H. Petersen.   See more >>>
1992               Nikolaj Church, City of Copenhagen's Exhibition Building, solo exhibition "Sigrid Hovmand".  See more  >>>
                       Sønderborg House, "Candlesticks and Canisters"             
1993               Samsø Art Union, "Photo and Stoneware".  Exhibition with Ulrick Møllgaard. See more  See more >>>
1995               Skandinavien Haus, Hannover, Germany. Exhibition with Gunleif Grube 
                       Handwerksform, Hannover, , Germany
                       Galleri Babel, Landsmeer, Holland. 
1996               Samsø Association. 
                       Kobe Fashion Mart, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658, Japan
                       International Furniture Fair Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
1997               Gallery Takatsuji, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
                       Wohn Form, Schwyz, Switzerland
                       Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, in connection with the Art-Crafts Prize
1999               Wilanow Palace, Oranzeria Museum, Warsaw, Poland
1999 - 2000    End-study exhibition (judged) Art Academy, Warsaw,  Poland.
2001 +            Open Artist Studios - Kunst i Østjylland/Region Midt
2002               Århus Art Museum - Art Fair
2004               Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen - the Art society of August 14.
2006               Town hall of Skagen - the Municipal Art Society.
2008               Fussingø Castle.
2011               Pakhuset - Odder Art Association.
2010 – 2012   “Bread and Food Festival” Skærtoft Mølle on the island of Als.
2012 VisitDenmark - The Olympic Games, London, England 2014 Museumsbygningen i København, Kunsthåndværkerprisen Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Tyskland “Westerwaldprize”
2016-2018 Traveling exhibition “Change in your hand” - More clay less plasic.
2016 “Kunstmaand Ameland” Art month. See more >>>
2018 Anton Rosen Huset, Samsø, Denmark - “Stoneware - Tapestry”. Exhibition with Elisabeth Ryde.
1990               Grant from Samsø Fund  for exhibition.
1991               Shown in the Italian publication "Airone"
1996               In the television series "The Vikings", Public Broadcasting System, USA
2003               Participant in the book " Heltene fra Samsø".
2006               Visiting Artist, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, U.S.A.
                       Represented at IOTA Gallery, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

                       Mathematics Teachers Association; Blaagaard State Seminarium; Restaurant "Ved Kæret", Samsø;
                       Møllevangs Church, Århus; Samsø Tourist Association;  Churches of Samsø, Daglig Brugsen i Mårup.