8. december 2016:

The opening November 5. Thank you Metha Kamminga for the pictures.

20. november 2016:

The island of Ameland lies north of Holland.
For the past 20 years Ameland has held an art festival in November with exhibitions and other events throughout the island.
8 artists from Samsø are among the approximately 100 artists participating this year.

17. oktober 2016:

12. oktober 2016:

Excelent glaze fire – last one before “Kunstmaand Ameland” www.kunstmaandameland.com See more >>>


18. september 2016:

Tryk for stort billede / Press fore big picture

Press the picture for big picture >>>

I participate in this traveling exhibition, arranged by “More clay less plastic”.

Se more >>>

2. september 2016:

Work in progress. For “Kunstmaand Ameland” Art festival in November.

14. august 2016:

Thanks too Rod and Diana

The Bread Dome arrived in Romsey, South of England and here’s Diana’s first bread in the Dome using a recipe from:
“HOW TO MAKE SOURDOUGH” by Emmanuel Hasjiandreou.
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

30. Juni 2016:

New business cards. Thankyou Sonnich

02. maj 2016:


06. april 2016:

New apprentice in the studio.

05. marts 2016:

Work in progress – Espresso cups for Fiol Optik Frederiksberg.

13. januar 2016:

See how Birthe and Peter store their cocotte when not in use.

31. december 2015:

Best whishes for the New Year