Happy New Year

The view from the studio

1. oktober 2012:

Participating in“Spor Kunsten” Åbne Værksteder/ Open studios. Se mere >>>

16. juli 2012:

U.S.A. marts 2012 - Austin, Texas og Oregon.

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26 January 2012:

Jesper Jørgensen, Sif Orellana and Sigrid Hovmand, Thursday, January 26, 2012, during the filming of "Folk i farver" (People in Colour), TV/Østjylland.

Read about the day on Sif's blog, 29 January: http://www.siforellana.dk/
See also: http://www.tv2oj.dk/folk_i_farver

Folk i Farver (People in Colour)
A series on TV2/Østjylland -
with people from the multitudinous world of culture, live and kicking

Folk i Farver is a whole, new series of 12 portrait/documentary programs that introduces a creative artist from east-Jutland in each episode.

Folk i farver's ambition is to create living close-ups of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, actors, directors, film people, installation artists, authors, musicians (classical and rhythmic), dancers, ceramists, poets and others who are active on the culture scene.

They are portrayed in a lively and unpretentious fashion where they are allowed to demonstrate what they like and what they're capable of.

The series is filmed in the artist's own surroundings, both professional and private.

The form is live reportage - with movement and changing surroundings.

The programmes are led by Sif Orellana, who - as the inquisitive, interested and open-minded host - visits artists and speaks with them about their life and work in that area of the culture scene

they are particularly enthusiastic about.

The host doesn't behave as a traditional journalistic interviewer, but more like someone taking part in the dialogue.

Each episode is approx. 25 minutes long.

The series is produced by Wasabi Film in Aarhus, with Jesper Jørgensen as cameraman.

The 12 programs are broadcast on TV2/Østjylland, and began in February 2012.